Affordable Garage Door Makeover Ideas to Consider for Homeowners

Curb appeal matters, especially when you go to sell your home, as they tend to get 7% more profit than properties that lack aesthetic appeal. 

One of the best ways to improve the look of your home’s exterior is by giving your garage door a makeover. 

Read on for garage door makeover ideas that will have the neighbors jealous.

Replace Broken Panels and Parts

If you have a garage door makeover budget but some parts are beyond repair, consider replacing the panels. This is a cheaper option since the average price of a full replacement is $1,157

Have a professional inspect your door to see which parts of the door need to be replaced.

In addition, check other mechanical parts of your door to ensure they work properly. New panels will go to waste if the springs, track, and cables are faulty. 

Get a Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint Garage Door

One of the easiest ways to increase your garage door curb appeal is with a fresh coat of paint. Your garage becomes the feature of your home with bright colors, satisfying tones, or complimentary trim accents. 

Choose the type of application and quality of paint to contribute to your new garage appearance. Spray paint will offer a matted looked while an acrylic roller will be smoother. 

Increase Curb Appeal with Detail

Take your curb appeal to the next level with garage door features like upgraded hardware, lighting, or architectural additions. They may be small changes but details like these can change a dull garage door into a showpiece. 

A slightly larger feature includes adding windows to the top of your doors to bring in natural light and make your garage appear more inviting. 

Garage Door ArchesTry Unique Garage Door Styles

Upgrading garage doors could mean that you want to try an entirely new look. This might require a complete replacement or major add-ons. 

Get some get inspiration by looking at garage door styles and trends online to see what stands out and is best for your type of home. Changing your garage door will alter the style of the rest of your home so be sure to match them both for a cohesive look. 

Clean Your Garage Doors

If you are happy with your garage door style then you may just need to get out the cleaning supplies. Because the easiest garage door project is cleaning your existing door. 

A power washer works wonders on mold and mildew stains, especially ones that are out of reach. If you do not have a power washer then use your hose and a scrub brush. 

Cleaning your garage door is also a great idea before performing any of the other remodeling ideas mentioned above. You may notice that your garage door isn’t in such bad shape after all and only needs minor repairs.

Getting Help With Garage Door Makeover Ideas

Some garage door makeover ideas are DIY, however, you may find other issues in the process. Replacing and repairing garage door panels and parts, for example, require expert care to ensure your safety. 

Be sure to contact us today to inspect and fix your garage door today. 

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