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Garage Door Styles and Trends to Know in 2022

The average garage door is expected to last roughly 10 to 15 years, but garage door styles don’t. An outdated style can leave your house looking worn-down and shabby.

However, investing in a new garage door isn’t just about keeping up with the latest garage door trends. Did you know that it could be hurting your home’s resale value as well? 

Fortunately, the most popular garage design ideas for 2022 make it easy to get started if you know what you need. Continue reading to learn how to upgrade to a modern garage door and some of the benefits of doing so.

Pop of Color

Gone are the days of neutrals and monochromatic color schemes. When it comes to garage door trends in 2022, a pop of color is one of the leading choices.

This is a great opportunity to experiment and show off your personality. If you’re looking to sell your home in 2022, this is also a great opportunity to boost your curb appeal to potential buyers. Bright red garage doors

  • Accent Color

If you aren’t sure where to start with garage design ideas, consider your home’s overall color palette and opt for an accent. An accent color is used in small amounts to create visual interest and to emphasize the color scheme.

The right accent color can affect the overall mood of your home. Warm colors such as reds and oranges are great for making your home look bigger and more inviting. Cool colors like blues and greens draw the eye away.

  • Contrast Color

If you’re feeling brave or want to stand out, consider garage door trends like color contrast. It’s a more dramatic way of creating visual interest, but it has to be done in a balanced way to achieve a pleasing effect.

The best way to do this is to use a color wheel. For example, contrast a warm red brick home with a modern garage door in cool lavender grey or mint green. If your home is a neutral color, almost any color choice will work.

Trim Detail

Another smart garage door look for 2022 is centered around trim details. This is an easy way to make a subtle yet significant impact on your home’s style, even if you do nothing else to your old or new garage door.

  • Wood Trim

The first trend to consider is high-end and luxurious wood trim. You can achieve a variety of looks with wood such as rustic or understated elegance. It can also help your home feel more relaxed, cozy, and natural.

The benefits of a wood trim include better durability and eco-friendliness compared to other trim materials, which means it will last for many years. Plus, wood is almost always trendy, so the style will age gracefully.

  • Trim Contrast Colors

If you want to incorporate a more subtle pop of color, use contrast colors on the trim instead of painting the whole door. Framing a new garage door in this way is great for emphasizing it as a visual area of interest. 

Garage Door Arches

  • Door Arches

Sharp lines on garage doors can look outdated and uninteresting. They can also drag down the style of an otherwise beautiful home. One of the most popular garage door trends of 2022 is adding an arched trim.

These can be as distinctive or subtle as you want and still achieve the same pleasing effect. Consider adding the same degree of arch to other features of your home for a well-rounded look such as around your doors or windows.

  • Adding Windows

If you want a modern garage door, consider a new garage door with windows or adding them to your existing door. This isn’t just great for adding natural light, but it can elevate the style of almost any garage door

Creative Placement

Adding a few windows across the top of your garage door is a classic option that looks great. However, if you’re looking for more interesting garage door styles, try to get creative with the placement.

Try creating a pattern with the windows or lining the side of the garage door. You can also try different shapes and sizes depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. Glass garage doors

  • Full-Glass Door

To take the window-look to the next level, consider trying out full-glass garage door ideas. This look is great with any kind of framing between the panels such as thin metal or thick wood panels. 

  • Treated Glass

Clear glass is a traditional choice and still looks sleek and modern, but you should also consider treated glass. Installing treated glass can offer you more privacy without the expense of losing light. Glass treated with acrylic, laminate, or a mirrored finish are some unique choices. You can even add a bit of color such as bronze, white, or gray to compliment the tones of the garage door or your home.  

Eye-Catching Materials

One of the easiest garage door styles to try is the use of eye-catching materials for your new garage door. Depending on the material chosen, the upgrade can improve durability as well as appearance. 

  • Wooden Doors

The benefits of wood garage doors are the same as wood trim, but you get more creative freedom with the doors. It’s one of the best garage design ideas because of its customizability.

Design options range from intricate carvings to a no-frills simple finish. While durable, it’s also important to note that this is one of the most costly materials for garage doors and requires periodic maintenance.

  • Plank Doors

Planks make for a smart garage door in 2022 if you’re trying to keep up with garage door trends. This is a popular option for most homeowners because it achieves a good balance between a modern and classic look. 

They’re also easy to customize based on your preferences in wood and color. Combining this material with a curved archway and/or unique windows can take the style to an even higher level. 

  • Metal Doors

Most garage doors today are made out of steel and are the most affordable. However, choosing this material doesn’t mean your new garage door won’t be stylish in 2022.

The best way to achieve a modern garage door with metal is all about the colors and details you choose. You can choose from faux wood panels, raised details, and a variety of textures to get the look you want.

Find the Right Garage Door Styles for Your Home

Use the above guide to find the best garage door styles for your home. Whether you want something adventurous and modern or more subdued and classic, there’s a style for everyone in 2022. 

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