The Importance of Garage Door Maintenance

The Importance of Garage Door Maintenance

If you want your garage door to function properly for a long time, then you need to perform regular garage door maintenance.

There are a lot of moving pieces in a garage door. These days, they’ve gotten away from the simple pulley system and more towards sensors and motorized openers.

With more technology, there’s more need for maintenance. Here, at Advanced Overhead Door NC, we’ve seen our share of preventable garage door issues. In this post, we’re going to discuss garage door maintenance.

The more preventative maintenance you do on your garage door, the less likely it is to break down at an inopportune time. Read on and you’ll be able to trust your garage door 100% of the time.

How Much Are You Using Your Garage Door?

How often you need to perform maintenance on your garage door will probably depend on how much you’re opening and closing it. If you keep your car(s) in your garage, then you might be opening and closing the door multiple times per day. Those that use their garage as extra storage and park in their driveway, much less so.

Your garage door is a piece of machinery and the more wear and tear you put on a machine, the more often you’ll need to have it looked at. It’s good practice to keep an eye out for any garage door issues at all times, but have it professionally maintained at least once per year.

Extending Lifespan

Preventative garage door maintenance can extend the lifespan of your garage door by years. Ignoring small problems and continuing to put heavy use on your garage doors is going to slowly deteriorate the parts.

Eventually, you may get to a point that goes beyond maintenance and enters the world of surprise garage door repair. Repairs can range in severity and with a great technician by your side that has all of the necessary parts, most things should be fixable.

That being said, a little TLC can prevent the need for repairs and in the worst circumstances, replacement.

Keep Your Home Secure

Another thing that your garage door gives you is privacy and security. A garage door that is in bad need of maintenance may have gaps or broken sensors that could make it easy for your garage to be burgled. 

If you keep any valuables in your garage, this should be one of the main reasons that you perform regular maintenance. It’s one thing having to repair your garage door from wear and tear, but it’s another to have to replace your garage door and stolen items because you neglected basic maintenance on your garage doors.

Regular Garage Door Maintenance from a Trusted Pro Is the Way to Go

Now that you know why you need garage door maintenance, it’s time to tell you how to get it. We’re an overhead door maintenance and repair shop based out of Denver, NC and we can make sure your garage door is always in tip-top shape. Don’t neglect your garage door maintenance and you’ll have it for many years to come.

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