Does a new garage door add value to my home

Does a new garage door add value to your home?

A home reflects its owners’ taste and personality, which is why it is always best to stay updated. Your garage is the right place to start because it does in fact add value to your home. 

A new garage door is definitely worth an investment because people can see it as a way inside your home. A place to keep your car safe and secure, an advanced new garage door adds immense value to your home. 

A garage is just as much a part of a house as any other area, so ensuring its maintenance is very significant to the house value. Like a house is renovated every few years, a garage needs equal attention because a garage door and its condition are one of the first things people see when they look at the curb appeal of the house.  

A Damaged Door is Not a Good Look

Top Signs You Need Emergency Garage Door RepairChanging seasons directly influences the condition of the garage door. It is exposed to sun and rain that falls on the house, resulting in extensive wear and tear. Many people consider it as a normal consequence of weather and do nothing about it.

However, a damaged garage door decreases the worth of a home. A beautifully constructed house with a torn-down garage door is not a good combination. 

Upgrading to a new garage door will automatically result in your home increasing in value because it will look well maintained and well managed. Installing new garage doors with efficient handles and gears is a commendable investment for your home to look even more exquisite. Adding other features such as touchpad entry, insulation on the interior of the door, and more will not only save money on energy bills but shows state-of-the-art technology.

If it is your home, it then makes it your responsibility to ensure it stays as attractive as possible. Instead of repainting an already beautiful house, how about buying a high-value garage door to boost the cost of your home. 

A Home Which Reflects High Value 

Qualities to Look for in a Garage Door Repair Company

They enhance the first impression of a house and give people a faint idea of its interior design, which is always a good thing when trying to sell your home in the market. Knowing that the owners are responsible for their home gives the confidence to the buyers that they are spending money on the right thing.

A garage door on the front of the house is usually one of the first things buyers see when observing it from far. To add more value to your home, purchase a high-quality garage door. It is important to remember that a house that is well kept is always of higher value than the one which is not. 

Making a small adjustment could lead to increasing your house’s value and who does not want that? Replacing an old garage door with a more efficient, quiet, and tech-savvy will add curb appeal and value. 

Don’t Wait, Upgrade Today!

It is always a good choice to make your home more presentable, and what better way to do so than investing in a good quality garage door. It will keep your car secure and also raise your home’s value by making it more likable. It is not even an expensive investment, just an affordable yet efficient garage door and your house as a whole new value attached to it.

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why wont my garage door open

Why won’t my garage door close?

Whether it’s a commercial or residential garage, you always want it to close safely and quietly because it is the most frequently used entrance and exit. However, sometimes your garage door does not open and close properly due to daily wear and tear. Consequently, the problems start getting more serious, and a time comes when you may be entirely unable to open or close your garage door.  

The reasons listed below could be the cause of an improperly functioning garage door:

Problem with the Photo-Eye
The Photo-Eye sensor is one of the most important parts of your garage door system. The Photo-Eye shoots an invisible beam between them and when it is broken the garage door will not close. Check to see if the Photo-eye could be dirty, misaligned, or blocked. In all these cases, your garage door won’t close properly until the obstruction is removed.

Problem with Garage Door Extension or Torsion Springs
If you observe that your garage door is not functioning correctly, but the motor is running, the problem might rest on the spring in the garage door assembly. Torsion and Extension Springs do all the heavy lifting of the garage door facilitating smoothly open and closing of the garage door and run parallel on the metal rod above the garage door. If you notice the spring is broken, your garage door will no longer open automatically.

Damaged Cables or Chain Assemblies
All garage doors have some sort of cabling or chain assembly that works to lower the door properly. If any of these cables or chain assemblies are damaged or worn, they cannot perform their function correctly. You can visually inspect the chain assembly or cables for broken or misalignment.

lube sprocket and chainProblem with the Tracks
Bent, wrapped, or damaged garage door tracks can prevent rollers from operating smoothly when opening or closing your garage door properly. Even a little track blockage can affect the normal functioning of the garage door. Visually inspect your tracks for any obstructions or damage.

Stripped Gears in the Opener
If a garage door is used frequently the stress of daily activity could lead to the opener stripping the gear. When the gear becomes stripped, the opener can’t perform its function correctly, resulting in the door not closing completely.

Problem with Limit Settings and Sensitivity Levels
Garage door travel limits on the opener determine the travel of the door, which means how it will close and open. When the limit settings are misadjusted, the door will not open or close properly. Limit settings are a programming mechanism that lets the opener know how much movement is required to close or open a garage door entirely. Sometimes the settings are still set to factory parameters. These settings can be reprogrammed according to the specifics of your garage door opening space.

What to do next?!
If your garage door is not closing or opening properly, you may need a professional who can help with the problems listed above. Advanced Overhead Door NC is a family-owned garage door repair service company that provides affordable garage door repair and installation services. Advanced Overhead Door NC technicians are residential and commercial experts who understand your garage door frustrations. They know how to quickly inspect and address your needs with affordable solutions. We can service most major brands of garage doors and install new garage door systems as well.  

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Does my homeowner’s policy cover my garage door repair?

Does my homeowner’s policy cover my garage door repair?

Garage doors are prone to many damages. Therefore, they require protection and maintenance to improve their durability. While garage doors may serve you for a long time, approximately 10-15 years, accidents can happen. For instance, kids may damage your garage door while playing, or severe weather may crash your garage door. Whatever the cause for damages to your garage door, you have to find ways to fix it.

Your garage door is a critical aspect of your home. Each policy comes with its terms. However, sometimes your homeowners’ insurance covers your garage door.

So, let’s look at some of the situations when your homeowners’ insurance may cover your garage door:

Severe Weather Conditions

Natural disasters may damage your garage door. But when it comes to the homeowners’ insurance, severe weather may be tricky because of the details in the policy. If hail or strong winds damage your garage door, your insurance may help ease your repair costs. Some people get it wrong—they do not read carefully and in between the lines. Sometimes your homeowners’ insurance may not cover all the risks to your garage door. Hence reading all the details included in the policy is a necessity.

The best option is to read and understand what your homeowners’ insurance policy covers.

Damages resulting from theft and vandalism

Sometimes your homeowners’ policy covers malicious activities such as vandalism or break-ins. So, if someone damages your garage door to get to your home, you may get some money from the insurance to make repairs. Remember that the homeowners’ insurance policy helps you to maintain your home’s safety. However, it’s essential to understand all the terms of your insurance policy.

Vehicle damage

Your family member may hit your garage door by accident, resulting in damages, especially during winter, making parking difficult. Fortunately, your homeowners’ insurance covers damages from vehicles. But it’s necessary to intermediate your policy to be sure.

What if your visitor hits your garage door with their vehicle? Their auto liability insurance will cover the repairs if that happens because they’re not part of your family. 

What if the damages result from wear and tear?

Unfortunately, your homeowners’ insurance may not cover damages to your garage door resulting from general wear and tear. You should maintain and repair your door in case of wear and tear. This will help you to enhance the lifespan of your garage door.

While not every damage is covered under a homeowners’ insurance policy, it may sometimes help ease your repair costs. For instance, when your vehicle, natural disasters, and vandalism leads to damages to your garage door.

The experts at Advanced Overhead Door NC can help with maintenance, design, and installation for garages. Fixing your garage door at a great price is what we do best!

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Garage Door Sensor repair

Can garage door sensors go bad?

A properly working garage door can lift your morning mood while the opposite one can ruin it completely. If your garage door is not being opened by the remote or a password combination, or it is not closing properly, you may want to investigate the cause further. There might be some damage to the sensors or other physical damage to the door. With a little investigation of the components of the door, you can tell if the culprits behind this inconvenience are sensors or not. 

How to tell if the garage door sensor has been damaged? 

Below are a few steps to follow if you suspect that the sensors of your door are not working. 

  • The sensor pathway should be clear, and there should be no obstruction in the way of the sensor beam, so it doesn’t close when your car is in the doorway. 
  • The sensor needs a power supply to work on. To ensure it’s properly working, you will need to check the LED lights on sensors. If both are working, it means power is being supplied to them. If one is off or both are turned off, there must be an issue with the power supply to the sensor. 
  • Sensor lenses are as important as the sensor beam. Make sure to clean the sensor lenses regularly, so they can pick up the presence of your nearby car and open up their door.
  • Sensors should be aligned to work properly; if you see a red LED light flashing, check for their alignment. 
  • Using the same sensor for a long time can cause natural wear and tear of its parts. You should replace your sensors after some time to ensure that you avoid any trouble in the way of the normal functioning of your sensor throughout the year. 

Whats Next?

Small things like cleaning the lenses of your sensor, bringing it back to alignment, and making sure that LED lights are green and the sensors are aligned. These tips work wonders if there is a small problem with the sensor. However, if issues are not resolved with the steps above, you may need to contact a professional. 

The experts at Advanced Overhead Door NC can help with maintenance, design, and installation for garages. Fixing your garage door at a great price is what we do best! 

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Signs You Need Garage Door Repair

Signs You Need Garage Door Repair

It’s not usual to have a fluke in your garage door here and there. However, if your garage door frequently acts up, you likely need a garage door repair. Additionally, here are the tops signs that indicate that you need garage door repair.

  • Won’t Open/Close – One of the more obvious signs that you need a garage door repair is if your garage door won’t open or close. This can be a result of broken cables, your opener isn’t working properly, or there is a stripped gear in your opener. All of these issues require a professional to repair.
  • Off its Tracks – Has your garage door been detached off its tracks? This can be dangerous and requires a trained professional to repair. A garage door off its tracks can be caused by a misalignment, a broken lift cable, worn out or broken rollers, or a car hitting the garage door.
  • Noisy – Is your garage door noisy and gives you the chills every time you open it? If so, call for a repair service. A noisy garage indicates that there is an issue with one of your garage door components. A repair technician will be able to identify what is causing the noise.
  • Slow Response – When you click your garage door opener and it takes a few seconds to respond and open, you may need a garage door repair. First check that your rollers, tracks, and hinges are all lubricated so there’s no sticking when it tries to open, causing the slow response. If everything seems lubricated, contact a professional to explore other issues that could be causing this problem.

We hope these signs will help you indicate when you need a garage door repair. If you have any questions regarding garage door repair, and the services we provide, contact us today at Advanced Overhead Door NC


Qualities to Look for in a Garage Door Repair Company

Qualities to Look for in a Garage Door Repair Company

Are you on the hunt for a garage door repair company that you can trust? There are many garage door companies out there, and it can be hard to determine which company is a right fit for you. To help guide you, here are the top qualities to look for in a garage door repair company.

  • Licensed & Insured – Above all else, you’ll want a garage door company that is licensed and insured. A licensed garage door repair company indicates that this company is legitimate and is legally and capable of performing garage door repairs. Additionally, proof of insurance indicates that if an unfortunate situation were to occur, they are covered.
  • Customer Service – For any sort of repair company, customer service is everything. If something goes wrong with your garage door, you’ll want a company that will be prompt and prepared to fix any garage door issues you’re having.
  • Experienced – An experienced garage door repair company will not only be able to fix most repairs, considering they have likely seen it all, but they will also have all the tips and tricks to repair your garage door correctly and efficiently.
  • Trustworthy – A trustworthy garage door repair company will always be transparent on the current state of your repairs and the cost, so you know what to expect. You can also count on a trustworthy company to be honest and tell you when you’re better off replacing your garage door.

We hope these qualities will help you find a garage door repair company that is a right fit for you. If you have any questions regarding our qualities as a garage door repair company, and the services we provide, contact us today at Advanced Overhead Door NC for more information.

Top Signs You Need an Overhead Door Replacement

Has your overhead door been giving you a lot of trouble lately? Overhead doors can easily be repaired given the circumstance. However, there comes a point where it is worth it to replace your overhead door altogether rather than continue to repair it. Here are the tops signs that you need an overhead door replacement.

  • Damaged – One of the most obvious signs you need an overhead door replacement is if your overhead door is damaged. Large dents are unsightly and can typically prevent your overhead door from opening and closing. Additionally, if you have small damages such as small dents, broken hardware, etc., consider replacing your overhead door.
  • Multiple Repairs – Have you had multiple repairs on your overhead door already? If so, it may be time for a replacement. Not only is it likely more cost efficient to get a new overhead door rather than constantly repairing your current one, it will also make your life easier to not have to constantly worry when your overhead door will break down again.
  • Lacks Safety & Security – New overhead doors (depending on the model) are equipped with safety and security features such as sensors, sturdy materials, and locking mechanisms that make your garage safer and prevent successful break-ins.
  • Age – Is your overhead door simply just dated? A dated overhead door can not only be unsightly, but it likely has its old quirks and isn’t as smooth operating as a new overhead door.

We hope these signs will help you indicate when you’re in need of an overhead door replacement. If you have any questions regarding an overhead door replacement, and the services we provide, contact us today at Advanced Overhead Door NC for more information.

How to Prepare for Your Overhead Door Installation

How to Prepare for Your Overhead Door Installation

Have you recently scheduled for a new overhead door to be installed? If so, you may be wondering how you can prepare. There are a few key tasks you can do to encourage a smooth and safe installation. To help guide you, here’s how to prepare for your overhead door installation.

  • Vacate Vehicles – First and foremost, vacate your vehicles. Relocating your vehicles will not only make way for the technicians to properly install your overhead door, but it will also ensure that your vehicles don’t get damaged in the process.
  • Clear Your Garage – In addition to relocating your vehicles, you should also consider relocating your belongings. Items that are not stowed away are at risk of being damaged. Additionally, items that are left out can cause a tripping and safety hazard to the technicians.
  • Who Should Be There – A responsible household member should be present at the time of installation in the case something needs to be moved, questions occur, and to give updates. On the flip side, who shouldn’t be there? We ask that pets and children remain indoors for both the safety of your loved ones and technicians.
  • Prepare Questions – If you have any questions regarding your new overhead door, such as maintenance frequency, signs that it needs repair, or emergency services, have those questions prepared to ask your technicians at the time of install.

We hope these tips will help you effectively prepare for your overhead door installation. If you have any questions regarding overhead door installation, and the services we provide, contact us today at Advanced Overhead Door NC for more information.

Automatic Garage Door Opener Motor on the Ceiling

Call Us For Emergency Service If Your Garage Door Won’t Work!

A garage door that won’t work can get in the way of the rest of your day. Instead of worrying, know that you always have us at Advanced Overhead Door NC to help you out. We serve homeowners throughout the Charlotte, North Carolina area, and all you have to do for us to come and fix your garage door is give us a call. We offer fast response times, friendly technicians, and fair repair rates. Put our number in your phone for the next time you need emergency garage door service!

Top Signs You Need Emergency Garage Door Repair

Top Signs You Need Emergency Garage Door Repair

Are you having troubles with your garage door? It may be obvious to you that you need a garage door repair. However, there are certain circumstances that require repairs sooner rather than later. To help guide you, here are the tops signs that you need an emergency garage door repair.

  • Your Garage Door Won’t Open – Will your garage door not open due to malfunctioning components? If so, consider calling a professional for emergency services. A garage door not opening may not seem like an emergency, but if your vehicle is trapped inside the garage, you have somewhere to be, and you can’t manually open your garage door, don’t hesitate to call us at Advanced Overhead Door NC.
  • Broken Parts – Can you visibly see broken parts to your garage door? Broken or loose parts could lead to parts falling off your garage door and leaving your vehicles and other garage-kept belongings at risk of damage.
  • Your Safety Is Compromised – Any situation that results in you or a loved one trapped in your garage is a reason to call for an emergency garage door repair, or 911 for more serious matters. Additionally, if your sensors are broken to your garage door, you should have those repaired immediately. Broken sensors could lead to your garage closing on your vehicle, you, or even a loved one.

We hope these key signs will help you indicate when you need emergency garage door repair. If you have any questions regarding our emergency garage door repair services, and other services we provide, contact us today for more information.