Affordable Garage Door Makeover Ideas to Consider for Homeowners

Curb appeal matters, especially when you go to sell your home, as they tend to get 7% more profit than properties that lack aesthetic appeal. 

One of the best ways to improve the look of your home’s exterior is by giving your garage door a makeover. 

Read on for garage door makeover ideas that will have the neighbors jealous.

Replace Broken Panels and Parts

If you have a garage door makeover budget but some parts are beyond repair, consider replacing the panels. This is a cheaper option since the average price of a full replacement is $1,157

Have a professional inspect your door to see which parts of the door need to be replaced.

In addition, check other mechanical parts of your door to ensure they work properly. New panels will go to waste if the springs, track, and cables are faulty. 

Get a Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint Garage Door

One of the easiest ways to increase your garage door curb appeal is with a fresh coat of paint. Your garage becomes the feature of your home with bright colors, satisfying tones, or complimentary trim accents. 

Choose the type of application and quality of paint to contribute to your new garage appearance. Spray paint will offer a matted looked while an acrylic roller will be smoother. 

Increase Curb Appeal with Detail

Take your curb appeal to the next level with garage door features like upgraded hardware, lighting, or architectural additions. They may be small changes but details like these can change a dull garage door into a showpiece. 

A slightly larger feature includes adding windows to the top of your doors to bring in natural light and make your garage appear more inviting. 

Garage Door ArchesTry Unique Garage Door Styles

Upgrading garage doors could mean that you want to try an entirely new look. This might require a complete replacement or major add-ons. 

Get some get inspiration by looking at garage door styles and trends online to see what stands out and is best for your type of home. Changing your garage door will alter the style of the rest of your home so be sure to match them both for a cohesive look. 

Clean Your Garage Doors

If you are happy with your garage door style then you may just need to get out the cleaning supplies. Because the easiest garage door project is cleaning your existing door. 

A power washer works wonders on mold and mildew stains, especially ones that are out of reach. If you do not have a power washer then use your hose and a scrub brush. 

Cleaning your garage door is also a great idea before performing any of the other remodeling ideas mentioned above. You may notice that your garage door isn’t in such bad shape after all and only needs minor repairs.

Getting Help With Garage Door Makeover Ideas

Some garage door makeover ideas are DIY, however, you may find other issues in the process. Replacing and repairing garage door panels and parts, for example, require expert care to ensure your safety. 

Be sure to contact us today to inspect and fix your garage door today. 

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Tips to Fix a Noisy Garage Door

Experts suggest you should do maintenance on your garage door about once every 3,000 cycles. That averages out to about once per year for the average household.

But, what happens when in-between maintenance your garage door begins to make unexpected noises?

While these noises could be inconsequential, there might be something more going on. Follow along to learn more about how to identify and repair a noisy garage door.

Separate Normal from Abnormal Noises

By nature, garage doors will make noise because it is a large metal sheets lifting and lowering. But, there are normal noises and abnormal noises that are easy to discern even to an untrained ear.

Expect your garage door to make a slight rumbling sound and even occasional squeaks even when it’s in tip-top shape. The trouble is when these regular operational noises become too loud, too frequent, and too jarring.

Noisy Garage Door vs Noisy Garage Door Opener: Know the Difference

Though they work in tandem, the garage door is separate from the mechanism that pulls it up and down. Of course, this doesn’t apply to those with manual garage doors.

But, if you have a garage door opener, it’s important to separate the noises it makes from the noises your garage door makes. Take the time to listen and hone in on what mechanism is making what noise. Then, you’ll have a better idea of how to begin fixing a garage door or fixing a garage door opener.

Identify Abnormal Garage Door Noises

Is the noise coming from the door itself or the opener? At what point in the opening or closing process do you hear the noise?

Answering these questions can help you pinpoint the source of the noise. Run your garage door a few times and make notes about the type of noise and its location. Some common noises and where they come from on a broken garage door include the following.


Often, garage doors rattle when the nuts and bolts along its track come loose. But, rattling may also indicate that the garage door rollers, hinges, or springs aren’t lubricated. Try checking for and tightening loose bolts and adding a lubricant to affected areas to remedy this issue.


Squeaking is another issue that may mean your noisy garage door needs more lubrication. After you run your garage door a few times, you should be able to identify the source of the squeaking. Whether it be a hinge, roller, bearing, or spring, applying a thorough amount of lubricant should fix the squeak.


Another common noise made by a loud garage door is banging. The most common reason for banging sounds is an unbalanced garage door or a broken torsion spring. Knowing how to identify what’s wrong with your banging garage door is as easy as listening to when the banging happens.

If it happens during the opening and closing process, it’s likely an unbalanced garage door. But, if it happens as the garage door hits the ground, it’s likely a broken spring.

While there are many spring replacement and garage door balancing tutorials available, we only recommend the DIY approach for seasoned handypeople. The heavy door and high-tension springs make this project too dangerous for untrained beginners. Instead, consider calling a garage door technician to help.

Need More Help? Contact the Experts!

If your noisy garage door is giving you too much grief, it might be time to contact the experts. There are many garage door repair companies to choose from in North Carolina, but none so dedicated to service and quality as Advanced Overhead Door NC. 

We will inspect your door and make any necessary repairs. In most cases, we can fix the issue in just a few hours.

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What to do if your Garage Door Opener does not work??

Repair or Replace Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener Repair vs. Replacement

71% of homeowners say they use their garage door openers every day. As such, the garage door is becoming the new front door. If you’ve come to rely on your garage door as a primary access spot, it’s important to keep up with maintenance, repair, and replacement as needed.

When garage door problems arise from normal wear and tear, consumers have two options: repair them or replace them. Which option you choose depends on many factors we wish to illuminate in this article. Here are some key points to consider when deciding between garage door opener repair or replacement.

Garage Door Opener Replacement

If your opener is new and still under warranty, it’s often easier and less expensive to have it repaired. However, there are many reasons why you might want to replace your garage door opener instead.

For example, you may have an older garage door opener that, though well made, has overstayed its welcome. New systems come with upgrades for convenience and quality of life, including:

  • Automatic reversal
  • Silent operation
  • Security keypads
  • Backup power for outages
  • Smart home features

Another reason to consider replacement is the price. Sometimes, a complicated problem becomes more costly to fix than to replace. In that case, we recommend you start shopping around.

Getting a New Opener Installed

Professional garage door opener installation runs between $257 to $487 on average. On the day of your appointment, expect the installation professional to be there for between 4 and 6 hours. More complicated jobs that include lighting and electric work may take more time.

After you replace your garage door opener, it’s vital that you practice good garage door maintenance to ensure its longevity. Clean it on a regular basis and call a pro to check on any problems along the way. Make sure to get a warranty to cut down on maintenance costs!

Garage Door Opener Repair

If your garage door opener is in disrepair, it might be time for an overhaul. We always recommend garage door repair for new models, easy fixes, and products still under warranty.

Another good reason to choose garage door repair over replacement is budget considerations. Before, we mentioned rare cases where repair is more expensive than replacement; However, more often than not, the opposite is true. If you’re on a constrained budget, repair might be your best option.

Getting a Garage Door Opener Repaired

Like replacement, you can hire professionals to repair your garage door opener. The cost of repairs will range depending on the parts you need, their prices, and the time your technician spends on the repair. Longer repairs cost more due to labor charges.

On average, it costs between $125 and $290 for garage door repairs. You can save some money if you choose to take the DIY route for your repairs. Before undertaking any DIY project, make sure you understand the project, procure the right tools, and don proper safety equipment.

Garage Door Opener Repair, Replacement, and More!

Whether you settled on garage door opener repair, garage door opener replacement, or another garage door service, look no further than Garage Door Expert Service. We are committed to garage door care and prompt customer service.

Get quality garage door opener services from experts serving the greater Charlotte, North Carolina, area for over 30 years.

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Garage Door Opener

What to Do if your Garage Door Opener Doesn’t Work

One survey found that 93% of homeowners with garages use it for storage while 84% use it for parking (or both). This means that a broken garage door opener can keep you from some of your most-needed items.

But, what do you do if your garage door won’t open?

In this article, we discuss how to troubleshoot garage door opener problems. We’ll help you learn the difference between a simple fix and the need for professional repair. Read on to keep your garage in good shape.

Why Your Garage Door Won’t Open

You can’t fix a broken garage door opener if you don’t know why your garage door won’t open. This is why you need to first identify the problem by assessing the door and its mechanisms.

Some of the most common garage door opener problems include a stuck garage door, an unresponsive garage door opener, and a damaged door/mechanism.

Stuck Garage Door

One of the most common garage door opener problems isn’t related to the garage door opener at all, but the door itself. Damage or debris can alter the movement of the door and cause it to jam.

Rust or ice can be a problem as well, especially if you don’t use the garage door frequently during wet and/or cold seasons.

Unresponsive Garage Door Opener

If your garage door won’t open you may have an unresponsive garage door opener. This can happen if your opener becomes damaged, if the battery needs replacing, or if there is an electrical issue.

Damaged Door or Mechanism

Another cause of garage door opener problems is damage. If a car or some type of debris hits the door, the track, or the opener, it can affect its ability to function properly. In some cases, it can stop functioning altogether.

Troubleshoot Your Garage Door

Fixing a broken garage door opener should be left to a professional. However, there are steps you can take to determine if your garage door opener is broken. Start with the list below.

  • Check for power to the garage door opener
  • Try to manually open the garage door
  • Check the door and track for damage or blockages

When a garage door opener is unresponsive, a lack of electricity to the unit could be the cause, especially if it’s easy to open manually. This can mean a flipped circuit breaker or a general loss of power.

Call a Professional

Flipping a power switch or replacing batteries isn’t always enough to get your garage door opener functioning. If your broken garage door opener isn’t a simple fix, then it’s time to call a professional for repair.

Utilizing professional repair services is important for ensuring the issue gets fixed properly. It also prevents more damage caused by improper repair techniques, which can lead to even more costly repairs.

Get Help With Garage Door Opener Repair

A broken garage door opener can come from different causes and they’re not always a quick fix. Use this guide to learn how to identify garage door opener problems and when to call for help.


If your garage door won’t open and you’re not sure why or just need a repair,
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Garage Door Styles

Garage Door Styles and Trends to Know in 2022

The average garage door is expected to last roughly 10 to 15 years, but garage door styles don’t. An outdated style can leave your house looking worn-down and shabby.

However, investing in a new garage door isn’t just about keeping up with the latest garage door trends. Did you know that it could be hurting your home’s resale value as well? 

Fortunately, the most popular garage design ideas for 2022 make it easy to get started if you know what you need. Continue reading to learn how to upgrade to a modern garage door and some of the benefits of doing so.

Pop of Color

Gone are the days of neutrals and monochromatic color schemes. When it comes to garage door trends in 2022, a pop of color is one of the leading choices.

This is a great opportunity to experiment and show off your personality. If you’re looking to sell your home in 2022, this is also a great opportunity to boost your curb appeal to potential buyers. Bright red garage doors

  • Accent Color

If you aren’t sure where to start with garage design ideas, consider your home’s overall color palette and opt for an accent. An accent color is used in small amounts to create visual interest and to emphasize the color scheme.

The right accent color can affect the overall mood of your home. Warm colors such as reds and oranges are great for making your home look bigger and more inviting. Cool colors like blues and greens draw the eye away.

  • Contrast Color

If you’re feeling brave or want to stand out, consider garage door trends like color contrast. It’s a more dramatic way of creating visual interest, but it has to be done in a balanced way to achieve a pleasing effect.

The best way to do this is to use a color wheel. For example, contrast a warm red brick home with a modern garage door in cool lavender grey or mint green. If your home is a neutral color, almost any color choice will work.

Trim Detail

Another smart garage door look for 2022 is centered around trim details. This is an easy way to make a subtle yet significant impact on your home’s style, even if you do nothing else to your old or new garage door.

  • Wood Trim

The first trend to consider is high-end and luxurious wood trim. You can achieve a variety of looks with wood such as rustic or understated elegance. It can also help your home feel more relaxed, cozy, and natural.

The benefits of a wood trim include better durability and eco-friendliness compared to other trim materials, which means it will last for many years. Plus, wood is almost always trendy, so the style will age gracefully.

  • Trim Contrast Colors

If you want to incorporate a more subtle pop of color, use contrast colors on the trim instead of painting the whole door. Framing a new garage door in this way is great for emphasizing it as a visual area of interest. 

Garage Door Arches

  • Door Arches

Sharp lines on garage doors can look outdated and uninteresting. They can also drag down the style of an otherwise beautiful home. One of the most popular garage door trends of 2022 is adding an arched trim.

These can be as distinctive or subtle as you want and still achieve the same pleasing effect. Consider adding the same degree of arch to other features of your home for a well-rounded look such as around your doors or windows.

  • Adding Windows

If you want a modern garage door, consider a new garage door with windows or adding them to your existing door. This isn’t just great for adding natural light, but it can elevate the style of almost any garage door

Creative Placement

Adding a few windows across the top of your garage door is a classic option that looks great. However, if you’re looking for more interesting garage door styles, try to get creative with the placement.

Try creating a pattern with the windows or lining the side of the garage door. You can also try different shapes and sizes depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. Glass garage doors

  • Full-Glass Door

To take the window-look to the next level, consider trying out full-glass garage door ideas. This look is great with any kind of framing between the panels such as thin metal or thick wood panels. 

  • Treated Glass

Clear glass is a traditional choice and still looks sleek and modern, but you should also consider treated glass. Installing treated glass can offer you more privacy without the expense of losing light. Glass treated with acrylic, laminate, or a mirrored finish are some unique choices. You can even add a bit of color such as bronze, white, or gray to compliment the tones of the garage door or your home.  

Eye-Catching Materials

One of the easiest garage door styles to try is the use of eye-catching materials for your new garage door. Depending on the material chosen, the upgrade can improve durability as well as appearance. 

  • Wooden Doors

The benefits of wood garage doors are the same as wood trim, but you get more creative freedom with the doors. It’s one of the best garage design ideas because of its customizability.

Design options range from intricate carvings to a no-frills simple finish. While durable, it’s also important to note that this is one of the most costly materials for garage doors and requires periodic maintenance.

  • Plank Doors

Planks make for a smart garage door in 2022 if you’re trying to keep up with garage door trends. This is a popular option for most homeowners because it achieves a good balance between a modern and classic look. 

They’re also easy to customize based on your preferences in wood and color. Combining this material with a curved archway and/or unique windows can take the style to an even higher level. 

  • Metal Doors

Most garage doors today are made out of steel and are the most affordable. However, choosing this material doesn’t mean your new garage door won’t be stylish in 2022.

The best way to achieve a modern garage door with metal is all about the colors and details you choose. You can choose from faux wood panels, raised details, and a variety of textures to get the look you want.

Find the Right Garage Door Styles for Your Home

Use the above guide to find the best garage door styles for your home. Whether you want something adventurous and modern or more subdued and classic, there’s a style for everyone in 2022. 

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The Importance of Garage Door Maintenance

The Importance of Garage Door Maintenance

If you want your garage door to function properly for a long time, then you need to perform regular garage door maintenance.

There are a lot of moving pieces in a garage door. These days, they’ve gotten away from the simple pulley system and more towards sensors and motorized openers.

With more technology, there’s more need for maintenance. Here, at Advanced Overhead Door NC, we’ve seen our share of preventable garage door issues. In this post, we’re going to discuss garage door maintenance.

The more preventative maintenance you do on your garage door, the less likely it is to break down at an inopportune time. Read on and you’ll be able to trust your garage door 100% of the time.

How Much Are You Using Your Garage Door?

How often you need to perform maintenance on your garage door will probably depend on how much you’re opening and closing it. If you keep your car(s) in your garage, then you might be opening and closing the door multiple times per day. Those that use their garage as extra storage and park in their driveway, much less so.

Your garage door is a piece of machinery and the more wear and tear you put on a machine, the more often you’ll need to have it looked at. It’s good practice to keep an eye out for any garage door issues at all times, but have it professionally maintained at least once per year.

Extending Lifespan

Preventative garage door maintenance can extend the lifespan of your garage door by years. Ignoring small problems and continuing to put heavy use on your garage doors is going to slowly deteriorate the parts.

Eventually, you may get to a point that goes beyond maintenance and enters the world of surprise garage door repair. Repairs can range in severity and with a great technician by your side that has all of the necessary parts, most things should be fixable.

That being said, a little TLC can prevent the need for repairs and in the worst circumstances, replacement.

Keep Your Home Secure

Another thing that your garage door gives you is privacy and security. A garage door that is in bad need of maintenance may have gaps or broken sensors that could make it easy for your garage to be burgled. 

If you keep any valuables in your garage, this should be one of the main reasons that you perform regular maintenance. It’s one thing having to repair your garage door from wear and tear, but it’s another to have to replace your garage door and stolen items because you neglected basic maintenance on your garage doors.

Regular Garage Door Maintenance from a Trusted Pro Is the Way to Go

Now that you know why you need garage door maintenance, it’s time to tell you how to get it. We’re an overhead door maintenance and repair shop based out of Denver, NC and we can make sure your garage door is always in tip-top shape. Don’t neglect your garage door maintenance and you’ll have it for many years to come.

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how to organize your garage

How to Organize your Garage

For most people, the garage is the ideal space to stow their vehicle, but that’s not all. Many homeowners also rely on their garages for storing all sorts of items ranging from gardening tools to kids’ bicycles. Unfortunately, most garages are limited in space; consequently, it becomes extremely important to organize the garage so that it can fulfill your storage needs. A cluttered, disorganized garage won’t function well. Use these tips to help you transform your garage into a well-organized space.

Clean Out the Space

To make the most of your garage space, take some time to clean it out before you begin your organization project. Get rid of any items you no longer use. Also, you should also avoid storing certain items in your garage, including:

  • Paper goods and cardboard boxes (they attract bugs and retain moisture, which can lead to mold)
  • Paint (extreme temperatures can ruin the paint)
  • Propane (storing propane in a garage is a safety risk. Store it outdoors, instead)

Once you’ve cleaned out the garage, you’ll have a clearer understanding of the items you do want to store there. 

Create a Floor Plan

Once your garage is clean, you can evaluate the space and develop your organization plan. As you create your floor plan, think about which items you need to access most often. You’ll want these items to remain accessible, ideally near the garage door. Think about shopping for a garage organization system. You’ll need to measure the space before you make a purchase, though. 

Because it’s not a good idea to store items on the floor where they might attract pests and dampness, you may want to invest in some heavy-duty shelving units and hard plastic storage totes. Be sure that you have your plan finalized before you purchase these storage items. You want to ensure they’ll fit with your plan.

Make Use of the Vertical Space

Assuming that most of the garage’s floor space will be reserved for your car(s), you’ll want to make optimum use of the vertical and overhead space as possible. To that end, consider open shelving units. Cabinets are also useful, but you’ll need to ensure that you have enough room for their doors to swing open when cars are parked inside the garage. Cabinets are also more costly. However, if you have old cabinets or shelving units, you can certainly make use of them in your garage’s organization plan.

Wire shelving units tend to be the cheapest type of storage unit. They’re also quite sturdy. You can use them to hold bins and totes for stowing seasonal sports gear, kids’ outdoor toys’, seasonal decorations, etc…Clear totes are ideal because you can see what’s inside, but you can also develop a storage system based on colored totes. You can also simply label your totes so you know what’s inside without having to look.

In addition to shelving, consider the use of walk hooks or even pegboards with hooks to hang a wide range of tools and garden implements. You can find these items at nearly any home improvement or hardware store. Hanging items like rakes and shovels is a great way to secure them so that they don’t fall down onto your vehicle when propped up in a corner or against a wall. 

As for the overhead space, you’ll want to reserve that for items you don’t use very often such as ladders. Take care when hanging shelves from the ceiling so that they will not impede the opening/closing of your garage door. You also want to make doubly sure that the shelves are sturdy so nothing falls on top of your vehicle. 

High Space Shelves

Think about installing shelving that spans three sides of your garage. A high shelf can hold numerous rubber totes that you can access with a ladder when you need them. This is an ideal option if you have limited storage space in your house. You can store a wide array of household items in your garage if you need to. Again, you’ll want to take care to label each tote so that you know what’s inside. Be sure that this type of shelving is expertly installed and is able to support the range of items you wish to store high up in the vertical space. 

Create a Work Space

A garage is a great place for performing various tasks that may be related to auto maintenance or home maintenance. It’s helpful to have a workbench and convenient storage for commonly needed maintenance tools. Although you can purchase a workbench, you can also build your own model that you can customize for your needs and the space. 

It’s a good idea to place your workbench near a window to make use of the natural light. You should also be sure it’s near an electrical outlet in case you need to perform work using power tools. It’ll be much easier to work near an outlet rather than to stretch extension cords across your garage. 

Recycling Bins

If you recycle, consider creating a wall rack so that your recycling bins don’t take up floor space. You can even create a DIY bin mounting system using wall screws and scrap wood. Additionally, you can rely on wire shelving units to store your recycling bins as well. 


When organizing your garage, you might also want to upgrade the space. Think about adding an epoxy floor to your garage. It makes cleaning up easy and makes for a more attractive space. If you spend a lot of time in your garage, a functional floor coated with epoxy is a good investment. Also, consider improving the lighting system in your garage. It will make working there much easier on your eyes. 

Use these tips to get your garage into shape. A well-organized garage makes many household projects easier. You’ll be able to stow and retrieve the items you need without having to search high and low for them.

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How to Choose a Commercial Garage Door

How to Choose a Commercial Garage Door

As a business owner, there are a lot of important decisions you need to make. One decision that you may not have put much thought into is what type of garage door you need. The commercial garage door plays a big part in how you access your building and protect your business. The garage door may also be one of the first things your clients see, so you want to make sure it is in good condition.

How to choose your Commercial Garage Door part 2

If you are just starting to look for a new garage door, you may be surprised to learn there are many different types of commercial garage doors that serve specific purposes. Before deciding on one to purchase, it is best to understand the differences between each type of door.

Commercial Garage Door Considerations
Since commercial garage doors are built mainly for functionality, you should think about your business’s needs. Doors come in various shapes, sizes, and materials based on their use.

Here are some things to consider before purchasing a new door:

  • Do you need to consider the speed that the doors open or close?
  • Do you need more light in your facility?
  • How often will the doors be open?
  • What will be stored behind the garage doors?
  • Will you have manual or electronic 

4 Types Of Garage Doors
Now that you have an idea of what to consider when choosing your commercial garage door let’s look at the different types available.  

  1. Roll Up Doors
    If you are pressed for space, you may want to consider a roll-up door. These are the types of doors usually seen in storage facilities and are great for warehouses that need to make use of every inch of space. Roll-up doors don’t take up a lot of space. The door is attached via steel roll slats and is rolled up and down by roll-formed guides. This type of door can be very sturdy and does a great job of keeping the contents inside your facility safe.
  2. Overhead Doors
    Overhead doors are some of the most popular doors on the market. These doors can be operated manually or with a remote and lift up via a track on the wall until it stops in an overhead position. These are very versatile and come in your choice of material, usually wood or aluminum, and can be made to match the rest of your building’s exterior.
  3. High-Speed Door
    If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, you may want to purchase a high-speed door. This type of door will save you money on heating and cooling your facility since the outside air won’t have as much of an opportunity to get inside. This is also important if you have temperature-sensitive items inside your facility that would become damaged if they were to be exposed to hot or cold air. 
  4. Fire-Rated Door
    If your facility houses chemicals or flammable goods, you should consider a fire-rated door. This type of door is designed to give people time to exit the building in the event of a fire and will also keep the fire contained. Fire-rated doors get raised up and lowered down manually, but you do have the option of installing an automatic opener with a smoke detector.

What Else To Keep In Mind
Before purchasing and installing a new commercial garage door, check to ensure it complies with your building code or any design limitations your facility may have.  Delivery times may vary based on the type of door and material you choose. If you have any additional questions, we would be happy to assist you.

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warm garage

How to Keep your Garage Warm this Winter

Garages can be used for more than just storing cars. Many homeowners make the most of the extra space and set up a workshop, gym, or even their home office. Now, as the temperatures dip, you’ll probably want to warm up the garage before spending any time in there. Let’s take a look at five heating options you should consider to warm up your garage.

  1. Insulation Is a Must-have
    The best heater will be pointless if the garage is not insulated, so that means the first step in warming up your garage is to install insulation. You’ll want to make sure the garage door, walls, and ceiling have a nice, thick layer of insulation to cover up any cracks that may allow cold air to seep inside. Once the garage is insulated, you can look into installing a heating system.  insulated garage
  2. Add a Ductless Heating and Cooling System
    A ductless heating and cooling system is a one-unit system that will heat the space in the cold months and cool it down in the hot summer months. This is an energy-efficient option, so you won’t be spending an arm and a leg on your utility bill. Ductless heating and cooling systems are easy to install, budget-friendly, and typically come with a 5-7 year warranty. 
  3. Consider a Propane Heater
    garage heaterA more versatile but still affordable option is a propane heater. Propane heaters come in different sizes depending on how large your garage is and how warm you want to make it. Just to be safe, you will want to install a carbon monoxide detector if you go the propane heat route, and always make sure to turn off the unit when you leave the garage
  4. Get A Portable Space Heater…Or Two
    You may already have a portable space heater in another area inside your home. This same type of heater can be brought into the garage. Garage space heaters come in different sizes depending on how much extra heat you are in need of and are a convenient option. It may also be a good idea to purchase and use more than one space heater to make sure the entire garage gets warmed up sufficiently. 
  5. Consider Radiant Heating
    You may want to consider installing a radiant heating system in the walls or ceiling or even the garage floor. Unlike the other options that heat the air, radiant heating systems use infrared radiation to heat the surface, which creates an energy-efficient way to heat up your garage.While the installation cost of a radiant heating system may be more than some of the other heating options, it is less expensive to operate and lower maintenance than other options. 

Ready To Warm Up?
Before moving forward with a heating system in your garage, make sure you are getting a unit appropriate for the size of your garage. It would help if you read about safety practices before installing a new heating unit and, once you do, never leave the heating system unattended. Now, go warm up that garage so you can get back to enjoying it! The experts at Advanced Overhead Garage Door can help make your garage warm this winter with an insulated garage door! 

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Does a New Garage Door Add Value to your Home?



Does a new garage door add value to my home

Does a new garage door add value to your home?

A home reflects its owners’ taste and personality, which is why it is always best to stay updated. Your garage is the right place to start because it does in fact add value to your home. 

A new garage door is definitely worth an investment because people can see it as a way inside your home. A place to keep your car safe and secure, an advanced new garage door adds immense value to your home. 

A garage is just as much a part of a house as any other area, so ensuring its maintenance is very significant to the house value. Like a house is renovated every few years, a garage needs equal attention because a garage door and its condition are one of the first things people see when they look at the curb appeal of the house.  

A Damaged Door is Not a Good Look

Top Signs You Need Emergency Garage Door RepairChanging seasons directly influences the condition of the garage door. It is exposed to sun and rain that falls on the house, resulting in extensive wear and tear. Many people consider it as a normal consequence of weather and do nothing about it.

However, a damaged garage door decreases the worth of a home. A beautifully constructed house with a torn-down garage door is not a good combination. 

Upgrading to a new garage door will automatically result in your home increasing in value because it will look well maintained and well managed. Installing new garage doors with efficient handles and gears is a commendable investment for your home to look even more exquisite. Adding other features such as touchpad entry, insulation on the interior of the door, and more will not only save money on energy bills but shows state-of-the-art technology.

If it is your home, it then makes it your responsibility to ensure it stays as attractive as possible. Instead of repainting an already beautiful house, how about buying a high-value garage door to boost the cost of your home. 

A Home Which Reflects High Value 

Qualities to Look for in a Garage Door Repair Company

They enhance the first impression of a house and give people a faint idea of its interior design, which is always a good thing when trying to sell your home in the market. Knowing that the owners are responsible for their home gives the confidence to the buyers that they are spending money on the right thing.

A garage door on the front of the house is usually one of the first things buyers see when observing it from far. To add more value to your home, purchase a high-quality garage door. It is important to remember that a house that is well kept is always of higher value than the one which is not. 

Making a small adjustment could lead to increasing your house’s value and who does not want that? Replacing an old garage door with a more efficient, quiet, and tech-savvy will add curb appeal and value. 

Don’t Wait, Upgrade Today!

It is always a good choice to make your home more presentable, and what better way to do so than investing in a good quality garage door. It will keep your car secure and also raise your home’s value by making it more likable. It is not even an expensive investment, just an affordable yet efficient garage door and your house as a whole new value attached to it.

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