why wont my garage door open

Why won’t my garage door close?

Whether it’s a commercial or residential garage, you always want it to close safely and quietly because it is the most frequently used entrance and exit. However, sometimes your garage door does not open and close properly due to daily wear and tear. Consequently, the problems start getting more serious, and a time comes when you may be entirely unable to open or close your garage door.  

The reasons listed below could be the cause of an improperly functioning garage door:

Problem with the Photo-Eye
The Photo-Eye sensor is one of the most important parts of your garage door system. The Photo-Eye shoots an invisible beam between them and when it is broken the garage door will not close. Check to see if the Photo-eye could be dirty, misaligned, or blocked. In all these cases, your garage door won’t close properly until the obstruction is removed.

Problem with Garage Door Extension or Torsion Springs
If you observe that your garage door is not functioning correctly, but the motor is running, the problem might rest on the spring in the garage door assembly. Torsion and Extension Springs do all the heavy lifting of the garage door facilitating smoothly open and closing of the garage door and run parallel on the metal rod above the garage door. If you notice the spring is broken, your garage door will no longer open automatically.

Damaged Cables or Chain Assemblies
All garage doors have some sort of cabling or chain assembly that works to lower the door properly. If any of these cables or chain assemblies are damaged or worn, they cannot perform their function correctly. You can visually inspect the chain assembly or cables for broken or misalignment.

lube sprocket and chainProblem with the Tracks
Bent, wrapped, or damaged garage door tracks can prevent rollers from operating smoothly when opening or closing your garage door properly. Even a little track blockage can affect the normal functioning of the garage door. Visually inspect your tracks for any obstructions or damage.

Stripped Gears in the Opener
If a garage door is used frequently the stress of daily activity could lead to the opener stripping the gear. When the gear becomes stripped, the opener can’t perform its function correctly, resulting in the door not closing completely.

Problem with Limit Settings and Sensitivity Levels
Garage door travel limits on the opener determine the travel of the door, which means how it will close and open. When the limit settings are misadjusted, the door will not open or close properly. Limit settings are a programming mechanism that lets the opener know how much movement is required to close or open a garage door entirely. Sometimes the settings are still set to factory parameters. These settings can be reprogrammed according to the specifics of your garage door opening space.

What to do next?!
If your garage door is not closing or opening properly, you may need a professional who can help with the problems listed above. Advanced Overhead Door NC is a family-owned garage door repair service company that provides affordable garage door repair and installation services. Advanced Overhead Door NC technicians are residential and commercial experts who understand your garage door frustrations. They know how to quickly inspect and address your needs with affordable solutions. We can service most major brands of garage doors and install new garage door systems as well.  

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