Top Homeowner Mistakes with Garage Doors

Top Homeowner Mistakes with Garage Doors

If you are a homeowner, it is likely that you have a garage that you use every day (multiple times a day). Garage doors protect you, your home, your vehicle, and your belongings. This is a big-ticket home item that you want to ensure holds its value. Today our team of experts has compiled all of the top mistakes made by homeowners when it comes to garage doors.

  • Not Sweating the Small Stuff- The most common mistake homeowners make when it comes to garage doors is not noticing or caring about minor damages, wear, noises, etc. These small issues can quickly develop into big issues, with even bigger repair costs. When you see or hear something out of the ordinary with your garage door, get it repaired immediately.
  • DIY Projects- While some fixes for garage doors are easily done by most homeowners, some bigger items need to be handled by a professional. YouTube and online articles may make a DIY project seem easy (and promise to save you lots of money), but if you are not experienced with garage doors, we highly recommend calling a professional.
  • Car Collisions – The biggest damage to garage doors is usually done by a vehicle crash. These collisions are typically at low speeds (and cause little to no damage to your vehicle) but can wreak major havoc on your garage door. Always enter and exit your garage slowly with absolute care and caution.
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Updating Your Garage Doors for Greater Curb Appeal

The exterior of your home is just one of the features that is important to your home, but it is also what helps you feel welcomed and invited when you come home from work. If you don’t like what you see when you drive up, then you might not enjoy coming home as much as you could. When you are looking at the exterior of your home, consider what your garage doors can do for your curb appeal! If they are builder-grade, dull or outdated, they could negatively impact your impression of your home. Here at Advanced Overhead Door NC, we want you to feel nothing but love for your home and have some tips that you can use to update your garage doors.

First, consider the color. If your garage doors are newer and in good shape, there’s no need to replace them if you don’t have to. Often a new paint color will be enough change to see a dramatic transformation. Consider matching the trim on your home or a neutral color such as gray, beige, brown or black.

Second, look at the details. There are many factors that can give your garage door some distinction, and color is just one of them. If you want to help your garage look more high-end without the expensive price tag, look at adding some door hardware to your garage.

Finally, swap out an old and inefficient door for an upgraded model. While this option is more expensive, it is an investment in your property that you will enjoy daily. You’d be surprised at the difference just the garage door can make in your curb appeal!

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