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How to Keep your Garage Warm this Winter

Garages can be used for more than just storing cars. Many homeowners make the most of the extra space and set up a workshop, gym, or even their home office. Now, as the temperatures dip, you’ll probably want to warm up the garage before spending any time in there. Let’s take a look at five heating options you should consider to warm up your garage.

  1. Insulation Is a Must-have
    The best heater will be pointless if the garage is not insulated, so that means the first step in warming up your garage is to install insulation. You’ll want to make sure the garage door, walls, and ceiling have a nice, thick layer of insulation to cover up any cracks that may allow cold air to seep inside. Once the garage is insulated, you can look into installing a heating system.  insulated garage
  2. Add a Ductless Heating and Cooling System
    A ductless heating and cooling system is a one-unit system that will heat the space in the cold months and cool it down in the hot summer months. This is an energy-efficient option, so you won’t be spending an arm and a leg on your utility bill. Ductless heating and cooling systems are easy to install, budget-friendly, and typically come with a 5-7 year warranty. 
  3. Consider a Propane Heater
    garage heaterA more versatile but still affordable option is a propane heater. Propane heaters come in different sizes depending on how large your garage is and how warm you want to make it. Just to be safe, you will want to install a carbon monoxide detector if you go the propane heat route, and always make sure to turn off the unit when you leave the garage
  4. Get A Portable Space Heater…Or Two
    You may already have a portable space heater in another area inside your home. This same type of heater can be brought into the garage. Garage space heaters come in different sizes depending on how much extra heat you are in need of and are a convenient option. It may also be a good idea to purchase and use more than one space heater to make sure the entire garage gets warmed up sufficiently. 
  5. Consider Radiant Heating
    You may want to consider installing a radiant heating system in the walls or ceiling or even the garage floor. Unlike the other options that heat the air, radiant heating systems use infrared radiation to heat the surface, which creates an energy-efficient way to heat up your garage.While the installation cost of a radiant heating system may be more than some of the other heating options, it is less expensive to operate and lower maintenance than other options. 

Ready To Warm Up?
Before moving forward with a heating system in your garage, make sure you are getting a unit appropriate for the size of your garage. It would help if you read about safety practices before installing a new heating unit and, once you do, never leave the heating system unattended. Now, go warm up that garage so you can get back to enjoying it! The experts at Advanced Overhead Garage Door can help make your garage warm this winter with an insulated garage door! 

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