Does my homeowner’s policy cover my garage door repair?

Does my homeowner’s policy cover my garage door repair?

Garage doors are prone to many damages. Therefore, they require protection and maintenance to improve their durability. While garage doors may serve you for a long time, approximately 10-15 years, accidents can happen. For instance, kids may damage your garage door while playing, or severe weather may crash your garage door. Whatever the cause for damages to your garage door, you have to find ways to fix it.

Your garage door is a critical aspect of your home. Each policy comes with its terms. However, sometimes your homeowners’ insurance covers your garage door.

So, let’s look at some of the situations when your homeowners’ insurance may cover your garage door:

Severe Weather Conditions

Natural disasters may damage your garage door. But when it comes to the homeowners’ insurance, severe weather may be tricky because of the details in the policy. If hail or strong winds damage your garage door, your insurance may help ease your repair costs. Some people get it wrong—they do not read carefully and in between the lines. Sometimes your homeowners’ insurance may not cover all the risks to your garage door. Hence reading all the details included in the policy is a necessity.

The best option is to read and understand what your homeowners’ insurance policy covers.

Damages resulting from theft and vandalism

Sometimes your homeowners’ policy covers malicious activities such as vandalism or break-ins. So, if someone damages your garage door to get to your home, you may get some money from the insurance to make repairs. Remember that the homeowners’ insurance policy helps you to maintain your home’s safety. However, it’s essential to understand all the terms of your insurance policy.

Vehicle damage

Your family member may hit your garage door by accident, resulting in damages, especially during winter, making parking difficult. Fortunately, your homeowners’ insurance covers damages from vehicles. But it’s necessary to intermediate your policy to be sure.

What if your visitor hits your garage door with their vehicle? Their auto liability insurance will cover the repairs if that happens because they’re not part of your family. 

What if the damages result from wear and tear?

Unfortunately, your homeowners’ insurance may not cover damages to your garage door resulting from general wear and tear. You should maintain and repair your door in case of wear and tear. This will help you to enhance the lifespan of your garage door.

While not every damage is covered under a homeowners’ insurance policy, it may sometimes help ease your repair costs. For instance, when your vehicle, natural disasters, and vandalism leads to damages to your garage door.

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