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Do I Need a Garage Door Repair?

A garage door is something that most of us use every day– even several times per day! When you have a remote garage door opener, you expect it to open and close properly when you need it to. However, if your garage door needs repairs or is starting to show the signs of a garage door repair, then you might find yourself stranded or stuck outside when you need to get in. Here at Advanced Overhead Door NC, we want to help you with your garage door repairs however you might need us, including showing you some of the warning signs that a garage door repair is imminent.

Notice the sounds and even smells of your garage door opener. A garage door opener should be relatively quiet, work smoothly and smell neutral. When your garage door is starting to have issues, you might notice that it is exceptionally loud when opening or closing. It might also struggle to open or close with rough, jerking motions before finally being able to complete the motion. Finally, if you smell something smoky or metallic, you should always call for a garage door repair.

Garage door repairs can also be done to the door itself. If the door is off its tracks, that is a sure sign of an issue. Garage door panels are heavy, and homeowners should never be the ones to attempt to fix them. You might also notice that one side of your garage closes or opens faster than the other. These are sure signs of issues.

If you would like to learn more about garage door repairs for your property, please give us a call here at Advanced Overhead Door NC today.