Garage Door Sensor repair

Can garage door sensors go bad?

A properly working garage door can lift your morning mood while the opposite one can ruin it completely. If your garage door is not being opened by the remote or a password combination, or it is not closing properly, you may want to investigate the cause further. There might be some damage to the sensors or other physical damage to the door. With a little investigation of the components of the door, you can tell if the culprits behind this inconvenience are sensors or not. 

How to tell if the garage door sensor has been damaged? 

Below are a few steps to follow if you suspect that the sensors of your door are not working. 

  • The sensor pathway should be clear, and there should be no obstruction in the way of the sensor beam, so it doesn’t close when your car is in the doorway. 
  • The sensor needs a power supply to work on. To ensure it’s properly working, you will need to check the LED lights on sensors. If both are working, it means power is being supplied to them. If one is off or both are turned off, there must be an issue with the power supply to the sensor. 
  • Sensor lenses are as important as the sensor beam. Make sure to clean the sensor lenses regularly, so they can pick up the presence of your nearby car and open up their door.
  • Sensors should be aligned to work properly; if you see a red LED light flashing, check for their alignment. 
  • Using the same sensor for a long time can cause natural wear and tear of its parts. You should replace your sensors after some time to ensure that you avoid any trouble in the way of the normal functioning of your sensor throughout the year. 

Whats Next?

Small things like cleaning the lenses of your sensor, bringing it back to alignment, and making sure that LED lights are green and the sensors are aligned. These tips work wonders if there is a small problem with the sensor. However, if issues are not resolved with the steps above, you may need to contact a professional. 

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